Monday, 7 December 2015

Life as you are a traveler

Malas, xda masa, pura2 sibuk benda lain,  meeting/dating memanjang,
Entah aku pun xpasti mana satu alasan yg munasabah  lama xupdate blog nih,
Tpi malam nie sempena pertama kali ditinggalkan oleh suami untuk keluar fisabilillah,
Aku fikir ada baik aku catat hal yg berguna, utk manfaat akn datang,
Spya satu hari nti boleh baca balik,

 “Live as you are a traveler in this world”

I got this words from a TV show a few years before,  and they have been replay it again this year,  
One very simple sentence with a very deep and broad meaning,
Live as you are traveler in this world,
Take ONLY what you need to survive,
& prepare what those are need for your final destiny (akhirat)

Imagine you’re a student living in a hostel to complete your study,
You wont feel like decorating the room so much in the hostel you’re living in,
As long as you’re comfortable to go through your daily life as a student and complete your study,
 Have you ever wonder WHY?
The answer is simple,
Bcause you know you’re only gonna stay there for a while,.. like a traveler~
and you have another place to stay for much longer which is your home,

Same goes to our life,
“Dunia” is the journey for you to go to the final destiny(akhirat),
So be like a traveler,
You see there are two kind of people in this world,
The first type is the common people that are struggling to make all the wealth in their journey(Dunia, and they forgot that they cannot bring all the wealth along the journey to the final destiny,
In the end they’ll find out that all they’ve done are useless,
The other type is the one who understand their positions as Allah’s servant,
And they are too struggling to find wealth, but in the term of “amal” ,
Because they understand what is the real wealth, that can be brought in the real eternal life,
So ask yourself,
Which type of person you wanna be ? :3

InsyaAllah, semoga Allah pilih kita dalam orang2 yg beruntung,
 dan istiqamah dalam apa jga sdikit sbanyak amal kbaikan yg kita ada,
doakan aku juga, 
semoga Allah pilih keluar dijalan Allah bersama suami lepas nih,
itulah impian sebelum kawin uhuks


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Siput ;3

* Pedulikan meja yang semak --"

 Siput's Background :

Nama  :  Siput @ Sea shell
Asal : Pantai Menggaris Kudat
 4.5 cm vertically
1.5 horizontally

 apa-apa pun..
siput bukan idea utama di sini,


Pantai Menggaris Kudat. .
tengok gambar cantik bangatt..

Berharap untuk dating sampai di situ..
tetapi masa dan situasi belum mengizinkan..
sedih ..
tidak pa..
cipta tongue twister ..

"Dear you who took the Shell for me, do take me to the place where you took the shell from"

macham bukan  tongue twister ja


Pantai Menggaris Kudat ..
InsyaAllah <3

Eh, kejap..

semalam cari accessories bawah katil,
jumpa nie,




Saturday, 17 January 2015

Another short journey


Satu lagi kerjagila pengembaraan pendek selesai..
Biarpun hanya sejauh kira-kira 5 batu dari tempat aq belajar (IPG Keningau) sehingga ke tempat destinasi..
dan... kami berjalan kaki... kata lain.. "juging" ;D

" The Beginning" :3

" On The Way"

Yang memegang camera Apple Iphone5 = Kak Chelli (Sri Farhana)
Yang dibelakang mengikut urutan = Anak.Haji.Rosle(Hafizah),Aiyan(Dayang Hazela), Kak Syafa Qiesyaz(Syafawani), Era(Alwe Alvere), Nong (Khairunisa)

*sila abaikan lori di belakang

aq xtau apa yang mereka rasa,
tapi sejujurnya aq agak kemaluan sedikit..
jarang-jarang aq perasan manusia lalu jambatan tersebut (terutama pelatih IPG)..
mungkin atas sebab dibina khas untuk kenderaan pengangkutan..
akan tetapi... terselit juga dalam hati bahawa...

Berikut merupakan lokasi akhir :3
Yess !! Fajar Superstore !!

Dan berikut merupakan perkara yang dibeli dari pasaraya tersebut..

Nak bgtau skit 
Payung tersebut dibeli untuk mengganti payung Era yang rosak angkara anakhajirosle..
dan beliau belum mengetahui perkara tersebut ..
ampunn   u_u"

dan Kit Kat
pastinya kerana..
setelah semua berakhir..
"I will have a break & have a Kit Kat"

Barang lain xda sbb Begpack Kicik..

Itu sahaja..

Thank You Allah ..
for this great time with all these beloved cool  friends, 
" Enjoy the little things that someday you'll look back and realized  they were big things"



Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Ahlan Wa sahlan 2015

Dear  2014 ...
It’s  been a rough year..
And from that I learnt  many things from you..
There was time I failed in certain things,
And I felt down,
And some time I got hurt,
And I got upset,
But I didn’t gave up,
I learnt my mistakes,
And I find strength to fixed things,
Some time I just stood up to move on with whatever I have..
So..Thank you 2014, ..
For making me stronger and smarter through all the times  Xp

And those all happy, sweet moments,..
It will never be forgotten :’) <3

So now 2015…
New adventures awaits..
I know it’s gonna be harder,
But that’s how Allah trains and tests his servants ..
And I know there is an end..
this life, 
It's a journey to the internity,
 a journey to prepare every equipments to the internity ..

 this year..
I will not seing my  favourite senior in the campus anymore ..
Its not a big thing though...
although....maybe a little bit  lacking of  motivation source Xp

Imissyousenior ;3

Ahlan Wa sahlan 2015  

Saturday, 15 November 2014

"That special day"

That was me,
on one of my biggest day..
I dont have any words to say except for...
Alhamdulillah ;)

That lucky guy ?
yeah he is the senior at the place where Im studied
and next year he wouldnt be there anymore,
because this year was his final year.
congratulations to him T_T

so these were the gifts "hantaran"

This was from him,
the theme was pink and white,
and I love it very much ;)

This was from our side,
yeah me.. the girl's side..
the theme was blue and white,
and I really hope he likes it,
because most of it were my own hand made ;D

These picture, contains 6 gifts among the 9,
so ??
these was all the gifts that I have decorated myself,
and I dont know how people see it but that was the best I can decorate, ho3

This was THE MOMENT!!..
Sweet awkward moment :3 <3

"Hye my new mom, thank you and I love you"
Mmmuahh ! 

This was the ring,
My very favourite gift,
I've told him I want a nice simple ring,
The one that can makes me comfortable  to wear for an enough long period,
and without having me to take off in certain condition like when taking the ablution(wudhuk)
so that was it,
simple, nice, and very beautiful for me,
Thank you <3

So these are my siblings,
but one us were not there,
abg apik ;3

These are my handsome , beautiful Cuzzies n_n

and these are my special guests ;D
well actually all of the guests were special but.... they,..
they were slightly extra special,
because they were his classmates, which make them as my seniors too..
and they came all the way from IPG Keningau to be there,
5hours of journey..
these were just the ladies..hehe  some of the men, were with him and I dont have their picture..hoho 
Thank you very much all of you :-*

Finally ...
one of  the men in this picture is him :3

That was the story..
Forgive me if it was a sudden news..
not that I dont want to spread,
but I'll promise to tag all of u in the next invitation ..

Thank you very much ;D

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Precious Memory

 I was watching this great series of drama,..
and suddenly my focus goes on the book behind the laptop..
I remembered back, and I know it was my old diary..
 I was curios to know what I've wrote,
I found a lot of precious things happened in my past..
So that was a photo of five bestfriends among that I had.. 
and yeah I still had them for nowadays..
only that we are barely sees each other, since 2008,
one of them is Balqis and I just met her this morning :3 
another thing was that boarding pass  I collected,
I have those form all along when I was studying high school, MRSM Tawau.. which now is MRSM Mustapha..
it's like 550 KM from my place, so most of the time I took flight..
thank you very much mom n dad for every tickets. hu3
everything I wrote just flashback in my mind..
like that drama I watched, . so much of flashbacks..haha 
and yeah.. theres a lot of things happened,
sometime I remembered the bad things..
but most of the time were great,
It was 3years ago..
and Im gonna keep that precious diary and that memories,
 this is one thing that I wrote ..
 " enjoy the little things, 
someday you'll look back
 and realize they were big things"

I love myself, family and friends,
Thank You Allah,.. for the life I had :')