Monday, 7 December 2015

Life as you are a traveler

Malas, xda masa, pura2 sibuk benda lain,  meeting/dating memanjang,
Entah aku pun xpasti mana satu alasan yg munasabah  lama xupdate blog nih,
Tpi malam nie sempena pertama kali ditinggalkan oleh suami untuk keluar fisabilillah,
Aku fikir ada baik aku catat hal yg berguna, utk manfaat akn datang,
Spya satu hari nti boleh baca balik,

 “Live as you are a traveler in this world”

I got this words from a TV show a few years before,  and they have been replay it again this year,  
One very simple sentence with a very deep and broad meaning,
Live as you are traveler in this world,
Take ONLY what you need to survive,
& prepare what those are need for your final destiny (akhirat)

Imagine you’re a student living in a hostel to complete your study,
You wont feel like decorating the room so much in the hostel you’re living in,
As long as you’re comfortable to go through your daily life as a student and complete your study,
 Have you ever wonder WHY?
The answer is simple,
Bcause you know you’re only gonna stay there for a while,.. like a traveler~
and you have another place to stay for much longer which is your home,

Same goes to our life,
“Dunia” is the journey for you to go to the final destiny(akhirat),
So be like a traveler,
You see there are two kind of people in this world,
The first type is the common people that are struggling to make all the wealth in their journey(Dunia, and they forgot that they cannot bring all the wealth along the journey to the final destiny,
In the end they’ll find out that all they’ve done are useless,
The other type is the one who understand their positions as Allah’s servant,
And they are too struggling to find wealth, but in the term of “amal” ,
Because they understand what is the real wealth, that can be brought in the real eternal life,
So ask yourself,
Which type of person you wanna be ? :3

InsyaAllah, semoga Allah pilih kita dalam orang2 yg beruntung,
 dan istiqamah dalam apa jga sdikit sbanyak amal kbaikan yg kita ada,
doakan aku juga, 
semoga Allah pilih keluar dijalan Allah bersama suami lepas nih,
itulah impian sebelum kawin uhuks


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